About Nirvana

The state of Nirvana is really impossible to achieve. One can only say that the Nirvana is the state of mind which means maximum happiness and I must tell you that not many people have been able to attain it. This is a very important terminology in the religions such as Buddhism. I must really say that by saying that you have reached the state of nirvana really means that you cannot be happier. In other words you can say that your happiness is at the zenith when you reach the state of nirvana.

The Lord Buddha described the Nirvana Nirvana Memorial Garden as the state of mind that is free from craving, anger and the other afflictive states. The peace is achieved when we win over the Maya and Moh completely. He went on explaining the procedure to attain it. You must know that the lord Buddha attained the Nirvana under the bodhi tree in the Bodh Gaya in India. He really tried to put forward all his experience in front of all the people not only of India where he attained and generally belonged but in fact the whole part of the world. All the south East Asian countries are really vastly influenced by the preaching of Lord Buddha.

You can say that the nirvana means the liberated mind which never clings. This is really the state of mind which is really very hard to achieve. I must really say that to attain the nirvana you will have to sacrifice a lot. In fact you will have to live like Sanyasi and I must say that this is really a very big task.

However there is really one more way to achieve the Nirvana and that is to do your work properly and go on performing what you are asked for. This is what modern people believe. However you will have also to keep in mind that you will have to make sure that you do not harm anybody. I must really say that this is just next to impossible. Hence you can really assume that if you really want to achieve the nirvana then you will definitely have to make sure that you cut yourself from the world.

Even lord Buddha had to cut himself from the world in order to achieve the nirvana and the proper knowledge. In fact whenever you will see any saint trying to achieve it then they do it by going to some mountain or the lonely area where they can listen to their inner soul.

I really feel that you will be very lucky if you are able to achieve the Nirvana in your life. This will really be a very big achievement and I do feel that you will love it.