Home Water Delivery – Top 5 Things to Look For

Home water delivery has been around for 30 years and there are many companies around the country that can provide this service.  If you have ever used a service you can appreciate the relief and benefit of having a non-stop source of clean, chemical free, great tasting water delivered straight to your doorstep.  So with all the options, how do you know which company to go with?  Here are some questions to consider when choosing a home water delivery company:

Do they use glass or plastic water bottles?

    • You want them to use glass water containers. كرتون مويه  Plastic containers will leach into the water leaving it polluted with bisphenol-A.  This is an endocrine disruptor and will mimic estrogen in your body.  And besides, plastic is made in oil refineries and is the biggest source of pollution world wide.
  1. Are they a local company?
    • Support your local town by supporting a local company.  Local companies will also have less travel and commute time to deliver the water.  This saves on natural resources, lowers pollution, and ensures you get the freshest water possible.
  2. Do they provide convenience?
    • This is almost a no-brainer, but there is a certain level of convenience that should come with this service of home water delivery. Make sure they have a few options to choose from for home water coolers.  Also look for both counter top and full standing home water coolers.  Many companies will give away personal water bottles; try to get a bottle that is either glass or approved stainless steel reusable water bottle.  Figure out their delivery schedule and see how it works with your current lifestyle.
  3. What kind of water do they deliver?
    • Some companies will say they have mountain spring or mineral water but they still filter it and sanitize it with something.  Figure out what kind of purification process they use and how many steps are involved:  usually the more the better.  Do they add minerals or electrolytes?  Is it alkaline?  Is it clustered?  Does it have extra oxygen?  Last but not least, how does the water taste?  We have all tasted water that was both refreshing and stale.  Water does have a taste.
  4. Are they a great company?
    • Simply put, is this is a good company?  How do they conduct business?  What kind of image do they have?  Make a call and test their customer service.  The price for their service should reflect how well they answered the questions above.  See if they are a green company in any way.  Support companies that support the community:  look for a company that gives back to charity somehow.

Home water delivery has become the best source of clean, natural, healthy, safe, fresh drinking water.  Everyone has become aware of how polluted and unregulated our tap water systems are.  Even worse is that bottled water is less regulated than tap water.  As people are becoming more educated about the dangers and precautions needed for consumable drinking water, they are turning to home water delivery as a safe, reassuring source for the second most important element for life to exist.  Use the questions above to find the best home water delivery available in your area