How to Make Homemade Natural Candles a fun project & gift idea! 100 Days of Real Food

Trim that wick to 1/4 inch, and the wick at the other end flush with the candle. It’s easy to melt and pour your own fragrant creations. Carole Brooks has been making candles for many years. She loves to create candles of all different types and for all different purposes. You will then place your metal bowl or pouring pot on top of the pot, ensuring that the bottom of the metal bowl doesn’t touch the water.

How to Make Scented Candles at Home?

More intricate molds may be made of plastic or flexible rubber (from $6, Dyes used to tint melted wax come in several forms, including blocks, cakes, chips, flakes, and liquids. The ArtMinds Liquid Dye Color Kit ($9.99, is a good beginner’s starter bundle; add drops to the melted wax gradually until the desired color is reached.

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MAKE IT: Paraffin wax candles

One pound of paraffin wax by weight will equal approximately 20 oz of liquid melted wax. Pour melted wax/crayon mixture into a candle holder. If you plan on making a layered candle, don’t fill the holder all the way. If you plan on making a solid-colored candle, fill it almost to the top. Add the fragrance, 1/3 of a teaspoon per glass of melted gel will provide a pleasant aroma.

Square-­braided cotton wicks are sturdier and good for larger candles. Cored wicks, usually with a zinc core, are stiffer. Use this type for votive and container candles, and make sure to use wicks with metal tabs on one end to help the wicks stand up. Add drops of essential oil, depending on how strong you want your candles to smell. Keep in mind that adding too much oil might cause the candles to burn quickly or ooze, so always start with low amounts and add more if needed.

How to Make and Customize Your Own DIY Candles

Carefully pour almost all the wax into the jars and adjust the placement of the wicks if necessary. As the wax begins to solidify, embed any organic items near the top . Learn how to make these DIY natural candles, using beeswax and Plant Therapy oils, that look and smell great. If you’re looking to spice up your candles, there are a few different additions you can make throughout the process of learning how to make beeswax candles. Cotton wicks work best with beeswax candles and are easy to find online and in craft stores. Once the dye is fully mixed in, check the wax temperature with a thermometer.

With over 13 years of experience, Claire uses art as a form of therapy and focuses on mindfulness in the making of art. She makes crafting easy and accessible for those she works with. In Photography & Visual Imagery from The University of Huddersfield. Candles made entirely of crayons for wax burn quicker and less brightly.

This leaves you with a requirement of 46.08 oz of wax and 5.12 oz of fragrance oil for a total of 51.2 of total material. It can also depend on what type of dye and how much fragrance oil you use. I have a few different kitchen scales that I use but I suggest you find one that goes up to at least 3000 grams. This will be big enough to weigh a 4lb melting pot full of wax and dye blocks with room left over. Keep in mind that wax is sometimes difficult to clean—you may want to purchase a cheap, heat-safe pot that you designate specifically for making candles.

Pour your 1 lb bag of Golden Brands 464 soy wax flakes into the pouring pitcher. I am confused- you said Makesy is the best natural fragrance for the candles, but your picture uses the Plant Guru. Is it still 3 tablespoons of oil for 2 cups melted wax with the Makesy oil?

Let the candle set overnight and remember to trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting it the first time. Before you begin the candle-making process, make sure you have a clean, flat surface to work on. You can also protect the area with newspaper or paper towels. If you’re into home design, you know that DIY projects are a popular choice for creating home decor that’s beautiful and unique. However, while DIY projects are satisfying, it can be hard to find one that’s fun and simple. These are my favorite inexpensive candle jars and tins, and I’ve organized them by volume.