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Can’t decide where you want to move in North Atlanta yet? There are plenty of solid choices for families, singles, retirees, couples, and students. The entire metropolitan area is handsomely growing into a place that many people proudly call their home. Something the area is especially known for is its gawked after luxury home communities. Neighbourhoods in North Atlanta have quite the ritzy flavour and are exactly what homeowners with a “finer taste” are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the specific cities and see exactly what their communities have to offer potential homebuyers.

Just a short 20-minute drive north of the city of Real estate agent dunwoody Atlanta, is where you will find Milton, GA. Milton is actually Atlanta’s newest city! It became official just six short years ago in 2006. The goal of the small community is to remain quant with its rural way of life. Literally 81% of the land in Milton is devoted for residential use. The historic Crab-apple is right in Milton and the hustle and bustle of Atlanta and Roswell is right around the corner. As far as real estate, there are many extravagant homes and communities in the area. Actually, some of the priciest homes in the North Atlanta area are in Milton. Residents have golf and equestrian privileges with neighbourhoods featuring golf courses, security gates, swimming and tennis, country club houses, and more. White Columns and Crooked Creek and two of the most upscale neighbourhoods in the city with homes priced all the way up to the $2million+!

Jefferson, GA is a little bit farther north than Milton making it about a half an hour drive north of Atlanta. It is a part of Jackson County and is located in a beautiful setting. Although the area has been developing over the last decade, it still has its small-town elegance. Matter of fact, one of the most attractive selling points to potential home buyers and builders is the vast availability of land there is to buy. Homeowners can buy multiple acre lots and enjoy privacy, luxury, and homes with lakefront views.