Latex Fetishes and Their Admirers

I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know lots about the sexploitation movies of the 1960s (or Seventies, for that matter), but if that is novel is any indication of the amusing I can be lacking, it can be time to begin looking up some titles.

Permanent Obscurity is a faux memoir or kinds, inspired (so the back cover statistics says) “with the aid of the underground sexploitation films of Sixties….” Dolores Santana, our narrator, tells the story of friendship, love, and betrayal to her confessor, Richard (or is that “Dick”?) Perez. And the story Dolores has to tell is… Well, on the kinky aspect.

This is a e-book that dips into the way of visit life of BDSM or greater precisely (as it’s referred to with the aid of Dolores and Serena in the e-book) “femdom.” But don’t worry — it is not as alienating as you may think. This isn’t just like the “authentic life” memoir of Melissa Febos (Whip Smart), which recounts her grim reports a dominatrix and a drug addict; the tone in Permanent Obscurity is comic. Archly comedian and sardonic.

Dolores, our pot-smoking Puerto Rican narrator, and her first-class buddy, Serena, stumble into the underground tradition of fetish photography and film-making and soon find themselves looking to gather a undertaking in their personal: a film with Serena as megastar. One catastrophe follows any other as these two cobble up the means: a script, assisting actors, appropriate media, lights, and a digital camera.

Permanent Obscurity is certainly a spoof on movie-making and the pretensions of art and ego and all of the insanity involved. It’s a hilarious e-book if you can stand satire. And the author has created a daft larger-than-life man or woman in Dolores, who can hardly open her mouth without spitting out one f-bomb, c-word, b-phrase after any other.

It could be correct to name this novel a trip, with enough vulgar reversals and shocks to fill a mini-series. The ending is especially hair-elevating and powerful. The creator attempts (and succeeds) at shoving us out of our protection quarter.