My Daily Haircare Regimen with Wavy, 100% Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Human hair extensions are great for weaving and braiding. Virgin Human Hair extension have gained popularity for everyday women over the last five to ten years. Virgin Hair extensions were once sold only to celebrities and A-listers. They were also not available for sale in salons or retail stores. This hair was once Hollywood’s greatest kept secret. However, now it is out of the bags. This hair is now available for purchase under various aliases like Brazilian, Cambodian or Indian, Malaysians, Peruvians, and many other origins. I’m not able to confirm if the hair textures are indeed from the country of origin. However, I can guarantee that all genuine Virgin Human hair is flawless and low-maintenance. Body Wave Hair is a popular choice among Virgin Hair. Brazilian Body Wave is a personal favorite of minewater wave hair!

Body Wave hair is popular for its natural, wavy look when it is dry or wet. Did you realize that Virgin Body Wave hair straightens to your bone? Next, you can just wet it to create a new wave. This is how Virgin Hair has made the hair so popular and loved by many. Some clients misunderstand the hair’s richest qualities as meaning that they don’t have to care for their hair. All Virgin Human Hair is subject to care as it does not come from a hair follicle. This is where you will find my tips and advice. Here is some quick advice on how you can maintain your Virgin Human Hair extensions. Careful maintenance of your hair extensions can help increase their longevity and make them look more natural. Virgin Hair extensions should be maintained for at least 1 year. My answers to most frequently asked questions will help you make your hair extensions last longer.

Q: How do my hair look to bed?

A: Always put on a satin/silk bonnet before you go to bed. Before you put on your hairbonnet, use a wide-tooth comb or a bristle wig brush to detangle the hair. Wig brushes and wide-toothcombs are great for preventing hair extensions from getting snagged and shed. Flexible rollers, sometimes called Flexi-rods, are another option. These rollers are great for maintaining your waves without heat. The flexible rollers are ideal for people who have a busy schedule. Rolling your hair at the night saves time. You can then move on to your makeup by simply taking out the rollers.

Q: What should you do for your hair?

A: The best thing is to use less. You can easily hide or discard any oil sheens and heavy product you use for natural hair. Virgin Hair is only able to use lightweight and featherweight products. If you don’t feel like using bendable rollers during the day, I suggest water, a dime-sized amount Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner, or LottaBody’s hair setting cream. For a more wavy hair, mix the products in one spray bottle. Spray your hair once a day. I also use Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil as a moisturizing oil for my hair. My Virgin Human Hair is curly and I apply the oil once a week.

Each 7 to 10 days is a good time to shampoo, condition, or deep-condition your hair. Stylists and salon professionals can also be helpful if you have any questions about the products and techniques that are best for your hair. YouTube is also an excellent place to learn styling and care tips.