Real estate industry facing pushback to longstanding rules setting agent commissions on home sales

Liquidation means converting assets into cash for the settling of debt. During an estate auction, an auction company and a highly-skilled auctioneer manage the event. The auctioneer is a member of their state and national auctioneers’ associations, and they follow a strict code of ethics. The auctioneer calls each item one by one, and the item goes to the highest bidder. In both cases, the sale takes place on the home’s premises, and both are open to the public.

Here are two elements to look for when looking for an estate sale company. “We suggest a mix of advertising your sale both online and in person through street signage,” Ruby says.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people the pro has worked with in the past and ask about their experience. You can even request customer references directly from the estate sale company. You can also visit local estate sales to compare how different companies organize and manage sales. Customers appreciate having plastic or paper bags to tote their items home in. Start collecting them or buy them in bulk at CostCo or Sam’s. Some estate sale companies require shoppers to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag/Box), which most people don’t seem to mind.

Tips For An Estate Seller

If it’s an established business, they’re more likely to operate in an ethical manner, as they have a reputation within the estate sale industry. A professional estate sale company has connections with appraisal experts and other industry professionals. They likely have a network of potential buyers, along with hundreds of email followers. Their network of connections bodes well for the success of your sale.

Now more than ever, people are looking for estate sale professionals who can accurately appraise and sell items for the most money possible. Estate liquidation is both a service and a for-profit enterprise, offering business owners the best of both worlds. Research what estate sale companies charge in your area to get a good estimate of the average.

When you understand how estate sales work, the process will be smooth. It’s important to ask each company how they plan to research, appraise and price your items, as well as the expectations of how many days the sale will last.

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Start an estate sale company by following these 10 steps:

If the contract is broken, the third party will pay you compensation. In addition to commission, some companies include other fees—trash hauling and advertising being the two most common. Throughout the sale, shoppers are allowed to walk freely about the home, examining each marked item. Seeking out the help of an appraiser is also useful for items you don’t think will sell for much. Before donating or simply tossing them away, Ruby says an appraiser can tell you if they’re worth selling and the best avenue for parting with them. If you prefer to have more control, you could also opt to handle any left-over items yourself.

Before you hold the estate sale, decide whether you will host the sale yourself, or work with a professional estate sale organizer. If you choose the latter, the first step would be to review possible candidates and select the professional organizer you’d like to work with. Listed below are all the estate sales that are currently scheduled for the Atlanta area. You may also be interested in estate sale companies in Atlanta. The agent commission lawsuits aren’t the first time that the residential real estate industry has drawn scrutiny about the impact its rules have on competition. But already the NAR and several real estate brokerages are facing another lawsuit over agent commission rules. Fresh off winning the verdict in the 2019 case, the lawyers filed a new class-action lawsuit in the U.S.