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Hydroponics is a way of cultivating flora, by means of offering nutrients they need to develop in water. Although no soil is used, a medium may be used for the roots to soak and offer consistent water deliver. Such mediums lead us to consider hydroponics systems, which are discussed below.

Basically there are 6 sorts of hydroponics structures  สำรองข้อมูล, inclusive of wick, water culture, ebb & drift (also known as flood & drain), drip, nutrient film approach (NFT), and aeroponic. Although there are many variations on these 6 systems, all hydroponics strategies are a aggregate those 6.

The Wick System

By a long way the handiest kind of system, the wick gadget is a passive hydroponics system, which means that there are not any moving parts in it. The nutrient solution is receives drawn into the developing medium from a reservoir with a wick.

The wick system is capable of use several plant developing mediums consisting of Perlite, Vermiculite, Pro-Mix, and Coconut Fiber- all of those being the maximum famous.

There is a downside related to the wick system, that is that the flora are large or the nutrient solution may deplete lots of water, plenty faster than the wick system can supply it.

Water Culture

Of all lively hydroponics structures, the water culture is the only one. A Styrofoam machine is the platform that holds the plant and floats directly on the nutrient answer. Air is provided to the air stone via an air pump, and bubbles are for that reason brought on to the nutrient answer, presenting oxygen to the roots of the plant.

The water tradition hydroponics gadget is ideal for cultivating leaf lettuce, given the reality that those develop rather speedy through this device. However, few other plans develop well with the water culture hydroponics device.

Additionally, the water lifestyle hydroponics system is very popular with instructors, for a completely less expensive device can be constituted of an vintage aquarium or water tight containers.

The biggest downside of the water subculture hydroponics system is that it does not match large or long time plants.