Tracking Amazon Sales Rank and Obtaining Accurate Sales Estimates

Anyone who has written any material this is published has no question suffered from the identical angst and frustration at how lengthy it takes to get Amazon Coupons feedback to your valuable work of art. I take into account the first time I wrote a whole e book myself (up ’til that stage I had particularly contributed chapters to other peoples’ works) – I spent most of the first week after publication fresh the ebook page on Amazon to look if there have been any new critiques or if the income rank had stepped forward.

Doing this soon have become pretty tedious and whilst I was nonetheless keen to discover how my book was doing, I simply could not waste an increasing number of time searching on the same page again and again and over. What made it worse is that whilst it became usually best to see the income rank drop to the low lots or excessive loads from time to time, I couldn’t certainly inform the way it was doing… Not truly!

Looking round at the Internet became a piece disheartening because it seemed that a variety of people are of the opinion that the Amazon Sales Rank does not let you know some thing and that I have been wasting my time. This struck me as bizarre as it appeared that Amazon had put a whole lot of effort into building the Sales Rank Facility – genuinely they weren’t sucking thumb on the numbers?

In time for my next e book’s release I stumbled throughout RankTracer.Com (www.Ranktracer.Com), and became surprised to see that they simply provide income estimates in addition to tracking your sales rank. I have been monitoring all my books in addition to some others the use of this provider ever in view that, and rather than checking on Amazon I get RankTracer to e mail me notifications of evaluations or when my Sales rank drops below or above a certain factor.

What’s more, I get them to ship me a PDF report of all of the titles I am monitoring every week and every month, that’s beneficial because I actually have sooner or later gotten too lazy to even visit the Internet to check how my books are doing (now that I not should). They have a pattern record up on their Website at http://www.Ranktracer.Com/sample_report.Pdf in case you want to take a glance. As you’ll see they have all the income rank stats, weekly or month-to-month sales totals, in addition to graphs and product overview information.

What I discover in reality exciting is the way in which the website online is built to will let you make comparisons and assessment the statistics you report. They have what they call a WorkStation, that is a unmarried net page that uses AJAX to provide a pleasant and intuitive interface for interacting along with your Sales Rank data – there are quite a few options that assist you to view and organization your records in an expansion of different approaches.

For instance, I desired to see how the new Richard Dawkins book, The God Delusion, changed into selling in comparison with my very own titles (Not that I might anticipate my sales to compete in any way, but simply to look the difference in sales volumes). Using RankTracer’s graph building interface, I drew this up for a week’s duration using the three-D graph alternative (they have numerous exceptional kinds of graphical illustration of your facts):

The God Delusion is the hint in the front (in yellow), with my sales rank graph in blue.
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Ok, so the actual image won’t be too clear here, but with any luck you could make out the truth that my e book is critically lagging at the back of Mr Dawkins’. Notice that his graph almost seems flat due to the fact his rating has averaged at 19 for the beyond week, while mine averaged approximately 19 000. Looking at the bottom of the graph you ought to additionally be capable of see the sales estimates given for every title. In this situation, the God Delusion sold approximately 510 copies all through that week, however my book only offered 31.

I have been tracking my book loads longer so to offer you an instance of a distinct way of looking at the gathered facts, I took a snapshot of my income rank graph over the last month the usage of a variety layout grouped on a day by day basis (as opposed to hourly because the graph above indicates):

My income rank range grouped by day over the past month
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From this you could see that sales picked up for a few days in early January after a piece of a slowdown in December – each bar indicates the variety between the first-class and worst ranking for that day. As constantly, the RankTracer Sales Estimation Engine provides an estimate for that month’s sales – in this example it gives an excellent one hundred thirty copies sold at a median rank of approximately 20 000.

Apart from monitoring the Amazon Sales Rank on your personal e book I discover it quite nice to music a bunch of my competition’ titles to peer how properly I’m doing inside the context of my little area of interest. Its quite beneficial understanding precisely how each person else is doing because I find it allows me decide in which I got things right and where I went incorrect.

Most of all, due to the fact the income rank records is accumulated on an hourly foundation I can inform in near-actual time the impact of any advertising or articles that I or my writer have released. It’s terrific to look the dips in ratings as articles or evaluations are posted to various Websites – one time my e-book got a tremendous overview on Slashdot and RankTracer recorded an development in sales for about three weeks after this.

It’s gotten to the degree where my publisher often asks me how my book is doing because it’s less complicated for me to discover than for him to go search their statistics. Sooner or later, I bet all publishers will have to awaken and start offering this service to their authors, but for now I am happy receiving my weekly updates to hold me up to speed with the goings on inside the international of Amazon – I’ll depart the aggressive analysis for the marketers, publishers and advertisers.